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How AWS Certification helps the AWS Solution Architects?

If you are an AWS Solution Architect with the required certification you are found with a number of benefits. Let’s check how it can help you in the following ways:

It can be the real certification in the market: There are many kinds of public cloud providers in the IT market particularly the infrastructure level. The AWS is certainly the market leader and it is a huge margin. The other usual name is MS Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud and VMware Cloud. Ironically most of these cloud providers do not have the architect level certification for their products and services. There are a number of other vendor neutral certificates but they are seen testing all the basic skills and they do not prove anything about the architecting skills, hence they are not often seen getting futile exercise at the architect level. Hence with AWS Certification, the real certification can be easily make waves with the professional.

Companies are now demanding people to have the certification

More and more Companies today realize the importance of the AWS Solution Architect importance. Just recently one can find a wide range of cloud consultants getting informed by their employers to upgrade and go for the AWS Certified Solutions. This is really phenomenal as we know that this certification was launched in the recent past and considering the amount of knowledge and exposure it inculcates more and more IT professionals are seen pursuing the same and becoming aws training. One can find loads of experts now going for the certification considering a number of benefits attached to the same.

Questions are very much reasonable and relevant

Many of the certifications are filled with irrelevant jargon, hence for such exams you got to read a lot of books even though you happen to work in this area since long. Luckily with this certification, things are simply the different. Anyone with hands-on experience with AWS and the one who is known for having architecting on AWS, you will find loads of answers to these questions that remain very much relevant. Reading before your exam and then testing your skill sets with several sample questions can always be your great help, but make sure you do not need to remember them all as there is hardly any unnecessary acronyms you need for this test. You can further explore certain sample question sets to get an idea on the web.

Lesser choices to learn

As you check the AWS certification exam you would fall in love for the way it taxes out. Every month you would find them launching a new service all together being launched by them. These come along with Amazon Elastic Transcoder Service, Redshift, OpsWorks, etc. are still seen missing from the certification, possibly just for the reason that they are newer services and AWS acknowledges that not everyone have been having time to master these services. But it is almost a surety, which they will be seen getting added up at these services in the next update to the certification questions.

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