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Role of School in Shaping Child’s Future and Overall Development

Learning begins, from the moment a baby is born. Undeniably, parents are considered to be the child’s first teacher while teachers as their second parents. When children start their kindergarten or preschool education, kids are handed over to the trained teachers so that they get ideally nurtured and bestowed with support.

School provides a structured education that endorses a child’s mental and physiological growth. Apart from the academic learning, a child learns various traits that help in later years such as good manners, teamwork, sharing, unity, and responsibility.

Children are like a sponge during their early age and can absorb everything easily what is taught to them. Parents know that a kid cannot learn everything from home only. This is why from the day child is born; parents start deciding where and in which school they should send their children so that the child can pick academic knowledge they need in the future.

Academic Development

With the growing age, the level of education also increases and even become complex through the grades. When the child goes through elementary, he learns basics like grammar, pronunciation, and slowly move to complex subjects that help them to meet the academic potential.

In addition to an academic skill, when children learn in an organized class he understands competition spirit. Apart from the bookish language or basic knowledge, the child learns the essential life skill of problem-solving.

The problem-solving spirit encourages a child to keep trying even after failing hundred times. This makes child’s mind more active and keeps them mentally prepared to accept any challenge.

Social Skills

Your child might score grade “A” in his academics every time, but it is of no use until or unless he doesn’t have healthy social skills. Your youngster will not be able to beat the first interview of his life if they don’t have social skills. In this case, for example, a best private school in Seattle plays an important role and teaches the child to interact positively with their teachers and peers.

Children spend their large portion of time at school, and the curriculum of a school is designed on the basis that a child can learn to form social relationships with others in an empathetic manner.

Self Concept and Character Building

Now, as if he has started getting A’s in academics, it means he has snagged the first job of life. But, this doesn’t mean he has achieved everything, it means the actual journey of life has begun.

Self-concept and character building are the other alternatives that a child learns in school. Apart from reading and writing if your child has acquired these attributes properly; he will be able to view himself and also become capable of taking decisions related to his career.


From the very first day when kids start going to school, they get an opportunity to meet the children from different nationalists, traditions, and cultures, which help them in becoming an open-minded and practical adult.

School provides various experiences of child’s life like by organizing art programs, field trips, sports and also allow them to try new things in other areas than academics, which leads to the exploration of their talent.


The growth of the society depends upon the quality of education, which is imparted to the child. So, school plays a vital role in brushing a child’s development by facilitating all the skills that will help him in becoming a good citizen.

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