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Why Should You Pursue a Degree in Cyber Security?

There are many reasons to pursue a career in cyber security. As one of the fastest-growing fields in the country with jobs in a number of different industries, cyber security may be one of the safest bets when it comes to a long term, stable career option. But pursuing these highly competitive jobs requires a lot of skill, research, and of course, a degree. Whether you decide to enroll in a school like Sarah Lawrence College or get your degree from Maryville’s online cyber security degree program, here are some of the many reasons to go for a cyber security degree.

Diverse Career Options

For professionals who aren’t quite sure what career they want to pursue, or even workers who simply don’t want to commit to one specific field, cyber security offers a lot of possible placements in different fields. In recent years, the need for cyber security has grown exponentially. Studies show a steady increase in cyber security job openings in the next few years. Whether you’re interested in strengthening government security systems or helping protect a small business from cyber fraud, you can find any job to suit your needs in the cyber security field.

Competitive Pay

Many jobs in the IT sector feature a high starting pay rate. However, cyber security jobs, especially in the past few years, start at a significant increase from the traditional entry-level IT job. Cyber security jobs also have a consistent pay raise structure and a lot of room for upward mobility within a company. After Obama’s TechHire initiative, businesses have a greater incentive to invest in their IT departments, especially when it comes to cyber security. This means more jobs, better job security, and better pay across the board.

Growing Importance in the Workplace

With new viruses and malware bugs popping up every day, it’s more important than ever for businesses to protect their online assets. The only way to do this is to invest in cyber security professionals who will keep sensitive materials safe from theft. The technology of hackers grows more sophisticated by the day, causing many businesses to fall vulnerable to the threat of a company-wide wipeout. The best insurance against this kind of disaster is for even the smallest businesses to make sure their information is secure and protected. Companies are starting to realize that cyber security is a necessity, not an option. Because of this, your position as a cyber security professional will be integral to the company’s success, and highly valued.

A Secure Career Path

Few career trajectories, in this day and age, are as secure as those of cyber security professionals. As long as businesses, governments, and individuals store information and engage in trade online, there will be a need for cyber security. With hackers getting smarter and better at their jobs each day, you’ll be expected to meet the challenge. The longer you stay in your job, the more essential you will become to the company and the better protected that company will remain from fraud and cyber theft.



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