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5 Essential Qualities of a Good Team Leader

Every task and every work force requires a team leader, who is responsible for coordinating amongst all the team members so that a particular task is implemented or an objective is achieved with utmost efficiency.

Some of the qualities that are essential in order to become a good leader can be very well observed in a few people and these people therefore have a self-made knack for management and leadership. Those who wish to become strong leaders can work on certain traits and with time inculcate these skills within them.Irrespective of whether you have applied for a career in Amazon, Oracle or Reliance as a team leader, you should have the innate skill and mindset to get the work done by your team members.

The 5 essential qualities that are required by a good team leader are as follows:

  1. Good Communication Skills – The first and foremost skill that must be possessed by a good team leader is good communication. With good communication comes good power of expression and the leader will then be able to talk to all the team members in a much better manner and can easily make them understand what the task is, what the requirementsare, and what the limits and their deadlinesare.
  2. Organizational Skills- The main objective of a team leader is to organize the team that is assigned to him. This means that you have to understand the task yourself and organize the task in such a way that the modules are completed with no deadlock and more efficiency is ensured with optimal usage of resources. The team leader is also responsible to understand the skills of his team members and divide the work in such a manner that each team member gets a task he or she is good at.
  3. Confidence– The team leader is the backbone of the team and therefore it is a must that he must stay confident no matter how challenging the situation may be. He needs to be an inspiration and motivation to all the team members so that they are confident about the work that they do.
  4. Negotiation Skills– Sometimes, in order to execute a task at the workplace, negotiation is required. You need to compromise in such a way so as to gain some benefit. These negotiations are carried out by the team leader. A good team leader will always negotiate so as to gain maximum output from the negotiation for the entire team and compromise something not so important and harmful for the team in return.
  5. Out-of-the-Box Thinking– Conventional methods are not always the appropriate solution. Thus, a good team leader should be able to come up with new solutions that are optimal.


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